Welcome to the 18th Annual Undergraduate Research Day! 

Over 70 research projects are now available from students representing nine colleges and universities across the state. The projects highlight a variety of topics, including biology, chemistry, computer science, education, health sciences, neuroscience, political science, physics, psychology and more.

To see each presentation, please click on “View” in the database. Projects are searchable by Presentation Number, First Name, Last Name, Abstract Title, Institution, House District, and Senate District. If supplemental materials are available, they will link from the Abstract Title. 

These presentations were judged and the winners of each category are now published online


#First NameLast NameAbstract Title InstitutionHouseSenateLink
1VigneshSivashankarBioprinter Construction Using an Open-Source 3-D printerWest Virginia University5113View
2RileyKaneNovel Compound Screening to Combat Huntingtin Protein Aggregation in a Transgenic C. elegans ModelWest Virginia University512View
3KelcieBrittonAnalysis of Esterase Genes Involved in Synthesis of Pharmaceutically important Ergot Alkaloids in FungiWest Virginia University5113View
4DevinKellyAnalysis of Active Site Mutation in Casein Kinase 2 Involved in Okur-Chung’s NeuropathyWest Virginia University5915View
5HosannaBarrettConoideocrella luteorostrata, a Potential Fungal Biocontrol of the Invasive Christmas Tree Pest Elongate Hemlock ScaleWest Virginia University5615View
6HaileyBrooksHistological characterization and cytogenic authentication of adult human epidermal keratinocyte (HEKa) cell lineWest Virginia University Institute of Technology309View
7HannahHudsonAdditional Species Diversity of the Rhinebothriidean Genus StillabothriumWest Virginia State University358View
8SyedAliEffects of CHD8 mutation on intestinal motility and peristalsis rate in a larval zebrafishBluefield State College256View
9JaelynnParksAntagonism of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Using Novel Bacteria to Develop ProbioticsWest Virginia University Institute of Technology4210View
10EmmeliaBraunMorphological and Physiological Variations Associated with Reproductive and Vegetative Salinity Tolerance in SorghumWest Virginia University5113View
11CedricDrennenMicroplastics in Rivers and StreamsConcord UniversityView
12RyanVaughtUnderstanding Biomarker Expression in Association with Graded Recoil Analysis Following ShootingMarshall University309View
13MariaIrfanPleurotus ostreatus as a Biodetector for Identification of Pharmaceutical Contamination in Surface WaterWest Virginia State University378View
14CatherineMorrisImpacts of Microstegium vimineum Invasion on Native Plant SpeciesUniversity of Charleston3717View
15JacobSlateWater Quality and Microbial Community Physiological Profiles in a Stream on a Multi-use TrailUniversity of Charleston3210View
16HannahPetronekExploring Species Boundaries for Neonectria magnoliaeWest Virginia University5113View
17JonathanLipovichHow changes in a nutrient sensing gene may impact Glyphosate resistanceWest Virginia University4812View
18AbigailWilliamsHiking trail use impact on plant community composition and soil chemistry.University of Charleston36 3717View
19AmartyaDasNew tapeworm species from sharks of Japanese and British WatersWest Virginia State University1717View
20DakotaParnellConstructing Schematics for a Novel Microfluidic Slide for in vivo Imaging of Larval Zebrafish.Bluefield State College276View
21SierraArbaughEffect of a Silverman-Andersen Respiratory Severity Score-based CPAP Weaning Algorithm on Newborn CPAP DurationWest Virginia University5411View
22MarissaGibidesDevelopment of noninvasive oxygen imaging approach using water-dispersible micro particulate Lithium naphtalocyanine probesWest Virginia UniversityView
23ZacharyMathenyEffects of GPER1 Activation on Progestin Receptor Gene Expression in Meningioma Cells.West Virginia State University388View
24DevinDanfordThe Use of Biochar for Removal of Selenium and Heavy Metals from WaterWest Virginia State University154View
25RachelMinneyA Shorter Synthesis of an Aluminum Complexing LigandWest Virginia State University103View
26OliviaLimLong term effect of mountaintop removal valley-fill mining on watershed water qualityWest Virginia State University3617View
27PeydanMcVickerThe Development and Composting of Cellulose-Based Bioplastic Derived from Hemp FibersFairmont State University502View
28IvieMinneySynthesis of 2,3-diaminoanthraceneWest Virginia State University103View
29AustinDavisA Fluorescent Analysis of the Effects of Acidic and Electrolytic Media on Uranyl NitrateUniversity of Charleston206View
30ChristopherBiasOrganic Synthesis of Acylated Sucrose for Integrated Pest ManagementWest Virginia State University138View
31SeanWoodyTweeting Sentiments: Textual Analytics for Emotion Variance Identification in the 2020 USA ElectionUniversity of Charleston358View
32AshleyLinderAccountable Health Communities: Addressing Social NeedsWest Virginia University31View
34AndrewWallPrivacy-Preserving Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Internet of Drones: Design, Analysis, EvaluationMarshall University154View
35William ColemanLearning Object-Oriented Programming Concepts with Augmented RealityMarshall University175View
36SamuelTemesgenIntelligent routing Algorithm of Internet of Things with high efficiency and low power consumptionWest Virginia State University1717View
37RamZaveriA Hierarchical Approach to Fine-Grained Visual Classification for Plant Image AnalysisWest Virginia University5113View
38KamilAbbasIncorporation of Fresh Tissue Training for into General Surgery ResidencyWest Virginia University512View
40MelinaMcCabeDifferences in Stepping Characteristics During the TUG Test with Aging and Neurodegenerative DiseaseWest Virginia University31View
41ChristopherAndersonMicrobial composition and diversity of biofilms and bulk water in drinking water distribution systemsWest Virginia University5314View
42AllisonBallMore Diverse than You Might Imagine: A Survey of Recent Young-Adult Appalachian LiteratureWest Virginia University309View
43ZackaryLaneyLong-term effects of wildfires on water quality and vegetation growthUniversity of Charleston5511View
44SaraKuberskiRapid Electrochemical Sensing of Acetaminophen Utilizing Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes in Forensic and Environmental ApplicationsWest Virginia University512View
45KierstenLowdermilkUsing Dermestid Beetles to Enhance Forensic Science CurriculumFairmont State University4812View
46DanielPriceUsing StraboTools for Compaction Gradients in Continuous Miocene-Modern Fine-Grained Volcaniclastic Successions, IODP Site U1437West Virginia University6215View
47BenningtonOpdahlRare Earth Elements (REE) association in organic and inorganic fractions of Appalachian coals: Implications on REE extractability and enrichmentWest Virginia University512View
48JessicaHogbinLove and Politics: Ippolita Maria Sforza and Early Modern Maternal RelationshipsWest Virginia University5915View
49ClaireKellyCharacterization of Interleukin-6 Regulation in NeuroinflammationWest Virginia University5214View
50MadisonLillyFormation of Kidney Stone Phantoms and Dissolution using Pineapple ExtractWest Virginia University Institute of Technology3210View
51RyleeCisneyLiver Kinase B 1 Regulates Antigen Presentation Genes in Brain CellsWest Virginia UniversityView
52LoganRoseControlling COVID-19: An Epidemiological ModelMarshall University3412View
53PortiaPetersonStanding with Our Sisters: Social Impacts and Media Platforms of the MMIW MovementWest Virginia University5113View
54RhettWhiteDim Light at Night Exacerbates Pain Associated with ChemotherapyWest Virginia University817View
55MackenzieMillerDefining a Cell Growth Medium for Glioblastoma Cancer ManagementWest Virginia University Institute of Technology3210View
56AbreanneAndlingerExamining Relationships Between Neurodevelopment Genes and Transcription Factor Proteins in ZebrafishWest Virginia University42View
57MichelleColemanAberrant Cortical Networks for Multi-Sensory Processing in Autism Spectrum DisorderWest Virginia UniversityView
58LindaMaHypoxia Ischemia Induces Cathepsin L Secretion in Cerebrovascular Endothelial CellsWest Virginia University22View
59OliviaOldakerCombating Declines in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease Through Recent Neurological TechnologiesWest Virginia University4812View
60AnnetteStraziusoExperimental Investigation of Filament Wound Custom Composite Rocket Body TubesWest Virginia University5113View
61BrentZutautTreatment of Severe Cervical Spondylodiscitis with Combined Anterior and Posterior Surgical Instrumentation: Case SeriesWest Virginia University1313View
62GannonColeThe effects of bitter melon on bodyweight, triglyceride, and glucose levels in Drosophila melanogasterWest Virginia State University63View
63Emily ThomasInnovation Labs - Ending the Innovation Education Crisis in West Virginia Through Targeted Experiential LearningUniversity of Charleston3517View
64TateHawkinsSearching for Fast Radio Bursts with the 20 meter telescope at Green Bank ObservatoryWest Virginia University144View
65YousefAbdelgaberLow-Cost Fabrication of Thin-Film Flexible CIGS Solar Cells Through a Home Inkjet PrinterMarshall University165View
66RyanMcFarlandExamining Healthcare Spending and Mental Healthcare EfficacyUniversity of Charleston73View
67DarrenRayCongressional Attention and the Opioid CrisisUniversity of Charleston3312View
68ShanEsmerPolice Sexual MisconductUniversity of Charleston3517View
69HaydenWoyanPerceived Emotional SupportConcord University276View
70AnthonySilerAssessing Perioperative Patient Distress in Office-Based Hand SurgeryWest Virginia University42View
71AlyssaSettleFollowing the Guidelines of COVID-19University of Charleston37View
72SamanthaHolbertAnalyzing parent characteristics and invalid responses on the Brief Child Abuse Potential InventoryWest Virginia University4812View
73SydneyPhilpott"The Impact of Mental Health Awareness on Collegiate Athletes"Concord University276View
74HeatherConneryMortality Salience and Geographic Regions' Impacts on Perceptions of RacismUniversity of Charleston144View
75KelseyKeenQualitative and Quantitative Changes in Parental Verbalizations during PCIT for Children with AutismWest Virginia UniversityView
76KaileyBashamChild Adversity and Perceived Stress in College Students: The Mediating Role of Emotion RegulationWest Virginia University5113View
77AlysiaInosencioImpact of Social Media on Mental Health OutcomesConcord University256View
78ChristopherBowdenFalse MemoriesUniversity of Charleston3517View
79SophiaShankImproving Child Emotion Regulation and Development Through Emotion Labeling and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy-ToddlerWest Virginia University5113View
80BrandonDollyNova Symbiosis: Evolutionary Psychology & Social Media DependencyShepherd University6316View
81WrenKingAssessing Risk Factors of Sexual Assault Victimization on College CampusesWest Virginia University5113View
82NadiaJohnsonEffects of Afrocentric Hair on Personal Identity and Professional ExperienceConcord University266View